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Illuminated Signs

Internally illuminated signs are produced on a regular basis for a variety of clients, using steel sheet, aluminium and composite aluminium sheet, MDF timber panel, etc. Faces can be fully or partly lit, using translucent acrylic or solid materials. If you have a sign already, and need replacement faces, we can provide them for you.

We utilise LED or T5 tube technology which reduces power consumption dramatically.

Ellis Displays fully supports lightboxes using Flexface technology which has enormous advantages over cumbersome acrylic panels. Flexface allows light boxes to be produced at any size using an ultra-durable vinyl membrane in 1 piece that cannot be smashed or easily damaged. Flexface ultra-durable vinyl is very lightweight and therefore extremely cost effective.

Call us for a price on Flexface today!

Flexface Lightboxes

Flexface Lightboxes


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